Therapy Services Offered

Psychotherapy for Adult Individuals and Couples

In addition to these named, there are many more areas that you can choose to focus your therapy on. Treatment is individualized and there are no "off-limits" topics. All matters are treated non-judgmentally and with the utmost respect.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression, Mood Swings, Stress, Overwhelm, Anxiety, Fear, Grief and Loss, Self-Doubt, Low Self-Esteem, Confusion, Anger, Unhealthy Patterns of Behavior, Feelings
of Hopelessness or Helplessness

Relationship Struggles

Communication, Trust, Intimacy, Sex, Commitment, Parenting, Balancing Professional and Personal Life

Difficulties and Other Life Stressors

Physical, Emotional, Sexual Abuse, Grief, Loss, Life Traumas, Codependency, Support in recovering from the Illness of Addiction

You may come in desiring to:

- Overcome an obstacle
- Adjust to a change or new circumstance
- Seek a safe place to think something through
- Establish meaningful relationships or improve a current relationship
- Understand yourself
- Identify a path forward or set some goals
- Rebound from a hardship or heal from a past trauma
- Improve communication skills with friends or family or in the workplace

This not an exhaustive list, rather just some good examples of the kind of thing that supportive psychotherapy can be extremely helpful with!

Generally at the start of our work together, we will identify personal strengths, positives in the environment, aspects of what is going well, and current and potential resources. Often times progress comes easier when we build on strengths. We also can address needs from a variety of aspects including social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical and psychological perspectives.

It is reasonable for you to expect from me as your therapist: concern, empathy, support, acceptance, feedback, sometimes guidance or problem-solving, or more likely, some combination of all of these.